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Dhoni’s innovative tactics lauded

MS Dhoni was first handed the reins for the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa and he came back holding the trophy.

Unfortunately for him, the Future Cup one-day series has brought dissimilar fortunes for Indian cricket captain.

His fearless approach had won him a lot of praise during the Twenty20 World Cup and during the current series, his innovative tactics and stomach for a fight are being similarly lauded.

“There is a fine line between being brave and stupid,” Dhoni had said when asked why India didn’t stay on to bat in the rained out Bangalore one-dayer. Unfortunately the Indian team didn’t play as smart as Dhoni spoke.

But the captaincy of the 23-year-old is still being rated quite highly whether it was for opening the bowling with Harbhajan when Australia had just 149 to chase in Baroda or for sticking his neck out and getting Rahul Dravid to bat at No 4 when India needed 318 to win in Nagpur.

Earlier in the series he had made it quite clear that he would not entertain any talk about the ‘big three’ not being the force that they once were.

“Frankly speaking you cannot replace the seniors. With the amount of talent they have, the way they have proved themselves, you don’t really have replacements for them,” he said.

In his first ODI series as a captain, Dhoni showed that he has the stomach for a fight with the Aussies when it comes to verbal sparring but he also knew when to step in and control his players. No wonder then that he earns the respect of his team.

“I really love the way Dhoni bhai talks. He is very simple. He says you give what you get. So if they give us respect we will give them respect. If they don’t give respect we don’t care a damn,” said Sreesanth.

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