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BCCI troubled us a lot: Kapil Dev

MUMBAI : A fortnight before the Indian Cricket League (ICL) begins, its head, former India captain Kapil Dev says he is “disappointed” with the BCCI.

“They created all sorts of difficulties for us. It is fine by me, because I like to fight. In the end I am satisfied that we have made it,” Kapil, who’s the chairman of the ICL executive board, told TOI .

Kapil, did not want to go into specifics. However, the legend claimed that the Board used its clout and ‘tried hard’ to deny ICL grounds to conduct matches and even tried to wean away the players.

“These were teething problems. The Board has been in existence for 70 years and have roots everywhere. Their people tried to put a spoke in our plans. What I felt bad was that they did not let young boys practice at the ground.”

Kapil claimed the players were still being ‘targeted’ by the BCCI and he is trying his best to “take care” of them.

Kapil added that Zee’s Twenty20 version will have a headstart over the BCCI’s own Indian Premier League (IPL). “Cricket is changing, tradition is slowly going away. Ranji, Duleep may go out of the window. But the very fact that they start six months after us means the BCCI is accepting T20 as a good idea. Good luck to them.”

As a parting shot, Kapil threw a ‘veiled challenge’ at the BCCI. “People talk about their (BCCI) monopoly. I don’t know if it is ending but with time we will also try to create a team that gives our country’s cricketers enough opportunities. Maybe, even look at an Indian team.”

Where is Brian Lara ?

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the current status of former West Indies captain Brian Lara. Rumours abound that Lara might ditch the ICL to join the IPL and so his name was not part of the team list. But Kapil claimed all was well and Lara was indeed part of the ICL.

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