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Cullinan, Klusenar baffled by BCCI’s stand against ICL

Kolkata : Former South African cricketers Daryll Cullinan and Lance Klusenar fail to fathom why the Indian cricket board reacted in the manner it did to Indian Cricket League (ICL) when it was for the betterment of the game.

The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) considers the ICL a rebel league and cricketers playing in ICL have been severely censured.

Cullinan, who is in Kolkata as the coach of Kolkata Tigers that will take part in the ICL Twenty20 tournament, told reporters here, “I don’t see the reason behind the way the Indian board or some other boards have reacted to ICL. But I’m sure things will get sorted out with time.”

Cullinan’s teammate and Test cricketer Lance Klusenar said, “I just don’t understand this. What does the boards have to do with a cricket league?”

On Cullinan’s role as coach, the former test batsman said, “I have done some coaching at the junior level. But I have never done anything so big. It is a big challenge for me. But the time is short and I will try to bring the best out of the players.”

Klusenar said: “This is a new avenue for him. I wish him all the best. He is a much better coach that he pretends he is.”

Asked to comment on the Cricket South Africa’s reaction on his joining the ICL, Cullinan said, “They have nothing to say about what I do or where I play. I served my cricket board and now I am free to do what I want. I have no relation with them.”

Asked to comment on Bob Woolmer, one of the coaches he played under, he said, “He was one of the fine coaches, I have played under. I have learnt a lot of things from a lot of coaches. He was one of them. He was a fine manager, planner and strategist. But I feel no coach is perfect.”

Klusenar, who retired from international cricket after being ignored by the South African board in 2004, said, “I joined ICL as they approached me first. Then Indian Premier League (BCCI’s own league) had not come up and I am not sure whether they would have called me also.”

Asked whether he missed being a part of the South African Twenty20 side, he said, “I am out of reckoning. I am not sure whether they missed me.”

“But Twenty20 cricket will be here as a part of cricket. However, I am not sure whether it will be the main form of cricket in future. However, the ambience around the ground during Twenty20 is enormous,” he said.

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