Cricket Fans Want More Awaiting The Launch of the Indian Cricket League Across The American Continent

Ft. Lauderdale / FL, USA — December 3, 2007 – Over 15 million cricket fans residing in North America and the Caribbean are demanding more!  With cricket being the second most popular spectator sport world wide and more and more fans working and living throughout the world, International demand for cricket has never been higher.  Fans want more cricket, more of the time, or rather more accurately all of the time!  In order to meet the demand for cricket a number of cricket organizations throughout the world have expanded the traditional game of cricket from World Cups and Championships into a more easily consumable form of sports entertainment. 

In recent years, the Twenty20 format has taken the world of cricket by storm with the first ever Twenty20 World Cup won by the Indian team this year.  In an effort to fulfill the demands of fanatic cricket fans, the Indian Cricket League will be launching the first ever Twenty20 competitive Cricket League in the North American and Caribbean regions organized along the structure of other professional franchise sports.  According to the Indian Cricket League President Sharad Chikara, the demand for cricket is growing rapidly in North America due to both the large influx of students and workers from many of the cricket playing nations like India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh.  As well the International attention of cricket, especially the Twenty20 format, has also contributed to the rapidly growing demand in North America.

“Cricket fans worldwide now demand the Twenty20 format because it is more exciting, thrilling, and faster paced resulting in a more enjoyable entertainment experience. Our cricket fans on the IndianCricketLeague website forums have attested to the popular demand of the Twenty20 format without a doubt.”, Sharad Chikara said.  As an example, a fanatic cricket fan recently posted, “Twenty20 is the best thing that happened to cricket.  Twenty20 at least defies the logic that cricket can be less interesting due to length of the games. The other good thing about this game is that matches start after working hours and that is the reason we have a new audience in the game. I think this Twenty20 should be played more and more. These matches should be played on home and away basis just like Premier league football. Right now there is not enough Twenty20.”

According to initial information released on the website, bringing the Twenty20 format in a professional franchise sports league format to a broader and new audience is precisely what the Indian Cricket League intends to do.  “Our mission is to promote and foster the best talent, create a highly competitive environment and provide equal opportunity to talented players.  Indian Cricket League will provide superior entertainment, value, and service in competition with other professional spectator sports leagues.  We will provide a centralized governing body alongside the investor and franchise opportunity of professional league sports.  We believe this will allow us to deliver the ultimate cricket sporting experience for fans, players, coaches, and owners alike!”

The Indian Cricket League was founded in 2005 to provide cricket fans, players, coaches, and owners with a professional league sports platform.  Cricket had always lacked the structure that professional sports leagues in the US and Canada have.  The league will attract both local and international talent from other cricket playing nations just like Major League Baseball in the US.  We want to build quality international cricket players, provide for equal opportunity to the young and the talented, and ensure that the best infrastructure and training is provided to the players.  Indian Cricket League will share its pool of talented cricketers with other private cricket leagues and cricketing boards of the world.

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