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Row over Suites in SA like Scramble for Free Passes in India

As the Indian Premier League and cricket controversy are never far apart, a new controversy has raised its head, this time related to the clash for suites between the Suite Holders’ Union and the IPL. The IPL wants to retain full control over use of the suites, which had been stipulated by them if certain games were to be held by them.

Predictably, the suite owners, who have been offered pavilion seats as compensation, are far from pleased about the exchange.

Ever attended a live cricket match anywhere in India; either domestic or international cricket? Well chances are you went on a pass of some or other sort. The mind set of most of us Indians is that when we think of watching a live match, we first ask around for free passes rather than head for the nearest ticket booking counter.

For the organisers of any international cricket match in India the biggest headache is the allotment of the free passes: to VIPs (and of course those that think of themselves as VVIPs), sponsors, associates of players, it is a long list of people that expect and in fact demand free passes! It is this mindset that led to the building of the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai when there was a perfectly adequate Brabourne stadium over at the Cricket Club of India.

It is probably this same Indian mind set which will have so many expecting their free VIP passes that has caused the Indian Premier League to dictate terms in case of the spectators suites in South Africa as well.

On Wednesday there was a meeting held between the IPL officials and the Western Province Cricket club as well as the Western Province Cricket association when the Indian Premier League laid claim to all rights over the allocation of the suites.

Failing this gaining of full control over the suites, the Indian Premier League said that they would withhold the staging of 8 matches. It was the IPL’s ‘non negotiable position’ that if the West Province club and association wanted to host the 8 matches they would have to relinquish all right to the suites.

To compensate for taking over the suites, the IPL is willing to offer seat in the pavilion as well as free food and drink as well as access to the F&B tent near the field. Reportedly, two games scheduled for Bloemfontein are also in jeopardy for the same reason of suite owners being unhappy about giving over all rights to their suites to the Indian Premier League officials.

If the IPL keep up this kind of autocratic behaviour, they are not going to earn themselves any popularity contests in a country that rose to the challenge of hosting the Indian Premier League with such alacrity and at such short notice and has so far been so accommodating.  


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